February Business of the Month – Healthy Kids, Inc.

Healthy Kids Inc. is an innovative meal-planning tool that makes the entire healthy eating process fail proof so that time and skills are no longer an obstacle to healthy eating. Owned and operated by Mandy and Kirk Curry the meal planner now serves families throughout the United States.

Using meal planning technology, the process of meal planning that once took an hour to complete can now be done in minutes. The meal plan is fully customizable to the family’s needs and schedules for the week and takes the guesswork out of what to cook and what products to buy, even including organic recommendations in the customized shopping list for those items with the highest likelihood of pesticide residue.

The Healthy Kids Inc. meal planner also contains a Professional Chef’s “How To” Cooking Video for each recipe on the site so that even children can learn about cooking in the kitchen and follow along with the Chef to assist mom or dad.

In 2016, Healthy Kids Inc. will introduce its next phase in innovative meal planning by integrating gardening technology into the meal planner, making it the first seed-to-table meal planner in the country. Staying true to the Healthy Kids Inc. mission, this feature will use technology to make the process of growing food fail proof for busy families.

More information can be found at: www.healthykidsinc.com


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