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The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1979 and now has approximately 550 members. The Chamber is a 501 (c) (6) private independent non-profit organization supported entirely by its members. It is not a governmental agency and does not receive outside funding. Member dues are not a charitable donation, but a good business investment. 97% of your dues are tax deductible as a business expense.


The mission of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce is to aggressively promote, support and retain business in the county. To be successful, the Chamber will:

    • Create and maintain a positive business environment
    • Identify and address core issues affecting the business community by
      • Providing leadership and participation in programs of an economic, political or civic nature that focus on core issues
      • Being a catalyst to facilitate communication among governments, civic associations, and other groups affecting the business environment
      • Providing feedback regularly to the membership regarding the status of core issues
    • Provide an opportunity for all businesses to interact with one another
    • Be a voice for the business community

Your Business is Our Business!

  • We are your business voice in Putnam County representing you on state and local regulations and decisions that affect your business.
  • The Chamber office receives inquiries constantly for information about products and services in Putnam County – a virtual directory assistance service, if you will. Your business is referred exclusively when information is requested.

Need networking and marketing opportunities? The Chamber offers a variety of options for your business such as ad placement in the annual Chamber Consumer & Relocation Guide, Website linkage, event sponsorship, Pride & Progress monthly newsletter, just to name a few.