//Defining 360 with BelaStar Creative

Defining 360 with BelaStar Creative

When searching for a marketing company to meet your business’ needs, you want to find an organization that is knowledgeable and has experience, but what else should you be looking for?   One type of company that you will want to consider is a 360° marketing firm.

What does that mean? What is the difference between that and a regular marketing company? As you read on, we explore the concept of 360° marketing with BelaStar Creative.

What is a 360° Company?

A 360° company is neither design specific nor marketing specific. Instead, the company integrates both design and marketing services in a holistic approach, which guarantees that the message of the campaign is consistent throughout all marketing channels.

“Ideally, a 360° approach to a marketing campaign strengthens its message, making more of an impact in all areas of the market,” Filip Vlasic, Creative Director and owner of BelaStar Creative states.  “We offer such a variety of services, that clients rarely have to go elsewhere, which is convenient for them. We enjoy it because, it gives us the opportunity to watch them grow.”

Filip and the other team members of BelaStar Creative work together to meet the needs of their diverse client base.  They can begin with the creation of a company’s name, their moto or slogan, and then create their logos, websites, video commercials and more. A 360° company also manages marketing channels that have already been established, for example: social media accounts, websites, blogs, etc.

The Advantages:

For business owners, the advantage of utilizing a 360° company is convenience. Working closely with one group of people to accomplish a goal instead of having to coordinate several businesses, it much easier. The 360° marketing firm addresses all of the needs of the client, whether it be designing brochures, pamphlets, fliers, booklets, an email platform, newspaper ads, websites or more. The 360° marketing firm does it all.

To learn more about how a 360° company can benefit you, contact BelaStar at (304) 654-5614.

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