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Putnam County, WV is located in the second-fastest growing region of West Virginia. Conveniently situated along Interstate 64 between Charleston and Huntington, the state’s two largest cities, the area has undergone a period of rapid suburbanization. The county has a total area of 350 square miles and a 2007 Census population estimate of 55,001 people.

With respect to quality of life, Putnam County ranks high. Community assets include:

  • Economic vitality representing all business sectors – industry, manufacturing, retail, finance, home-based and non-profit organizations assisted and supported by a local Chamber of Commerce and a Development Authority.
  • Innovative government leaders working to address matters of growth and development in a planned, deliberate manner.
  • Law enforcement and emergency services more than adequate for the population’s public safety.
    An abundance of housing options from single family units in subdivisions, to condominiums, apartment complexes and retirement communities.
  • A county public school system with superior standards of academic excellence.
  • Health care choices ranging from a major hospital facility to urgent care clinics and health care providers in every classification of medical specialty.
  • Parks and recreation amenities – ball fields, picnic areas, community pools and pathways. Programs, events and activities designed to serve all ages and abilities. The community also hosts a private golf club facility and YMCA with an aquatic center.
  • A variety of community services (public library, senior center) and social activities (movie theater, festivals, fairgrounds)
  • A diverse worship community including several Christian schools.

Putnam County, a lovely locale with an emphasis on excellence!