In 1930, J.R.M. Knapp drilled for water behind his house on Tyler Mountain, and it produced such an abundance of high quality alkaline water that he began selling it to the residents of Charleston, calling his business Tyler Mountain Alkaline Water.  In 1971, John Merrill purchased the company, changed the name to Tyler Mountain Water Company, Inc. and began selling eight-ounce plastic bottles, primarily for coal companies.

Today Tyler Mountain Water offers a full line of bottled water products from eight-ounce bottles to five gallon bottles, and now offers a four gallon non-returnable bottle.  They also offer filtration systems that include bottleless coolers.   They offer paper products and have expanded their office coffee service in a big way, offering national and regional brands.  Tyler Mountain Water is an industry leader with more options than any other company in our area.

Today, Tyler Mountain Water is thrilled to sell to restaurants, which they say is the perfect match for them because “the best water makes the best coffee taste better!” They credit their success to their associates’ always working to exceed customer expectations.  Don’t forget they deliver to homes and businesses.  Thanks for all you do, Tyler Mountain Water!