Good Horse Scents started because Connie Boggess wanted to develop something safe her whole family could use; from her husband & kids all the way to her dogs & horses.  The journey began in 2011 as Connie herself was trying to recover from years old personal issues which caused her stress to the point where she developed significant food allergies.  In the process of learning more about her body, she also took an interest in improving her skin, with which she had an itchy, drying condition called Dermagraphia.  She initially tried to treat her condition with unscented commercial products, but as she began researching more natural ways to treat herself, she found a passion for making her own soap. She’s been making soap and also teaching others to make it ever since! She loves helping people who have poor reactions to commercial soap, which ranges from babies born addicted to drugs to elderly folks with sensitive skin, and everyone in between.

Life is stressful.  2021 has been stressful.  Connie believes the stressful, toxic situations we are often exposed to can be diminished by using more natural products. When you read the labels of Connie’s products, you’ll never have to question what the ingredients are; as they are natural oils, botanicals, butters, and herbs.  There are no artificial colors, only plant based ones.

Connie loves what she does all year round, but giving gifts at the holidays is special for her.  Starting in August, she and her tribe begin preparing for the upcoming holiday season so they have plenty of time to cure the cold-pressed soaps and create, seal, and label the other products.  Good Horse Scents has been working diligently making their seasonal favorites, such as Autumn Leaves soap that has a blend of ginger, patchouli, and orange.  They are always working to formulate new products. To learn more about Connie’s journey and what she does, visit her website at