Infinity Marketing Solutions was founded as a grass-roots digital marketing firm with the intent of providing guidance to help other small business thrive in West Virginia, and with a mission of driving economic growth using data driven technology. With a passion for community outreach and a love of their home state, the team at Infinity Marketing Solutions aims to always put the needs of their clients first and aligns themselves with other forward-thinking organizations. They believe if enough like-minded people work together, it can not only change the lives of the community but ultimately the world around us.

Infinity Marketing Solutions future goals focus around growth and sustainability in an ever-changing digital world.  While bringing on new clients is important to them, it’s equally important to them to focus on their current clients and ensure they are seeing positive return on investment from the partnerships forged. Additionally, Infinity has recently started a new arm of their business focused on managed IT services which has grown at a substantial rate. In the coming months, they anticipate a rebrand to more align themselves as a full service digital solutions company and bring those new IT services into the fold of their core offerings.

We love that Infinity Marketing Solutions is able to benefit from having a co-working membership at Area 34 because we get to see them often!  Additionally, they use office space at Blenko Glass in Milton since that is a good central location for their team from different parts of the state to centralize. The Infinity team’s favorite thing about working in Putnam County is the immense support they receive from local business development groups such as the Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Center, etc.  With Putnam County rapidly growing, they’re excited to be on the forefront of that growth while being able to help other small businesses in the county.

Infinity provides free initial consultation for businesses and organizations looking to get into digital marketing or managed IT services.  Feel free to reach out to schedule a call or video conference and they’d love to chat about the goals of your business and how they might be able to help you achieve them.