Business of the Month-Gritt’s Farm

Oct 2, 2023 | 1 comment

Since opening in 1927, Gritt’s Farm has evolved and adapted their business to serve the changing needs of their customers over time.  From the old days of delivering eggs door to door, building hydroponic greenhouses, and discovering Agritourism, they continue to evolve and plan for future generations. Gritt’s Farm began with Veto and Nally Gritt’s establishment of their current farm operation. Bob Gritt is third generation and the current owner and operator of the farm.  The family’s fourth generation manages day-to-day operations and the fifth generation is growing up on Gritt’s Farm today!

The diversity of their business model, multitude of crops, and support of other local farms has helped them get through tough times, as agricultural income can be volatile. Pick Your Own experiences, Agritourism, and their Farm Share program make Gritt’s Farm unique. The combined 400 acres of the farm provide beauty, but also healthy food options for our community. Over 100 individuals are employed at Gritt’s Farm throughout the year, contributing to the local economy.

The wonderful people of Gritt’s Farm look forward to welcoming you this year to an unforgettable season at their six week fall festival, Gritt’s Fun Farm! With over 30 fall-favorite attractions including a corn maze, pick-your-own pumpkin patch, animal visits, and seasonal treats, Gritt’s Fun Farm provides fun for all ages! Their newest attraction, the Gritt’s Farm Corn Barn, features thousands of pounds of shelled corn in a giant indoor pool. The fall festival will be going on all month through October 29th and tickets are available for purchase online at Purchasing online will save you $2 per ticket and expedite the check-in process. Bringing cash is strongly recommended as the apple cannons, snack stand, and goat barn purchases are cash only.  Gritt’s encourages guests to travel through Farmieland, a corn maze inspired by the most popular movie of the summer

Gritt’s favorite part about doing business in Putnam County is providing unique experiences to the community and facilitating lifelong memories on the farm. They embrace change and challenge themselves to keep the guest experience top-of-mind. Gritt’s Farm is so grateful for the support received from Putnam County over the years and aim to continue to make the community proud.

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  1. Grace Randolph

    I had a wonderful experience out at Gritt’s Farm last Saturday along with my daughter, a grandson and a great-grandson. Watching the youngsters run from one attraction to the other was not only fun but exhausting (in a good way). With the boy’s encouragement, I got on one of the three-wheel bikes and raced them around the play area. As a great-grandma, I couldn’t keep up with them, but we had a great time, and the weather was absolutely beautiful! All the attractions were amazing and seems there is always something new for everyone to enjoy. I am impressed with the young helpers you hire for this event. Especially enjoyed talking with the young boy overseeing the Corn Maze.
    Congratulations to Gritt’s Farm for being the Business of the Month!!


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