Peyton & Peppy Boutique started as a mobile and online boutique in 2016.  Andre and Stephanie opened their first brick and mortar location in Vienna, West Virginia(where they lived at the time) in 2017.  In 2020 they moved to Putnam County and fell in love with their current space on Main Street, which then became their second location.  They are thrilled to be celebrating seven years this coming May with the two locations, a website, and a mobile app to shop for their customers to shop!

We asked what brought them to Putnam County and Stephanie told us that their two children, who are both on the autism spectrum, receive services from Bright Futures Learning Services, and that with she and Andre taking turns driving the children back and forth from Vienna each day, it became Stephanie’s goal to relocate and open a second store. And they love it here!  They love the small town vibe Putnam County offers and all that is available here for young families, as well as the support shown to small business owners in general.  Opening a business in the middle of the pandemic as they did presented plenty of challenges, but they say it’s all been worth it thanks to the community support.

As far as the holiday shopping season is concerned, we can expect a low stress shopping experience at Peyton & Peppy!  They pride themselves on giving as personalized a shopping experience as possible, and love giving back to their customers.  They will be doing this over the next month with some really fun holiday giveaways, and will be running some great promotions in their store that you simply won’t want to miss… AND…they have a special announcement that will be coming soon, so watch for it!

In the short time they’ve lived here, Andre and Stephanie feel very welcomed by their customers and fellow business owners.   We would expect nothing less from our beloved Putnam County!