The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Runway Couture for being selected as the Business of the Month.
            Runway Couture is owned by Chafin and is assisted by her daughter Sarah Chafin. Together this motherdaughter team is ready to find exciting new styles to offer every girl in the Valley.
Chafin has been in business for 21 years and actually started her journey at a small kiosk in the Charleston Town Center mall, which soon became its own in-line store. From there Chafin went on to open three stores in Pullman Square, known as Runway Couture, Heels and Inspired. Chafin would then expand her retail into the Bluegrass state where she would open a Runway Couture and Heels in Lexington, KY.
Chafin soon closed all five stores to open into a larger storefront in Pullman Square for the new home of Runway Couture. The store was open for five years until Chafin decided to take the store to Teays Valley, where they have lived for nearly 30 years.
Runway Couture has now been in the Valley since September 2019. At Runway Couture, they offer wide range of products. Everything from clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and fragrances to specialty gift items. The unique draw to Runway Couture is their particular bohemian style that appeals to the eye and looks good on everyone. Chafin said that they do extensive travel to find these unique pieces to make sure they have the best products to offer.
If you don’t have the chance to make your way to the store, don’t worry. Since COVID-19 ultimately lead to the closure of the store for three months, Chafin and her daughter Sarah began to educate themselves on the importance of online retail. This lead to the creation of the Runway Couture APP and their interactive sales through Facebook Live that they are still continuing to do.
When chosen as the Business of the Month Chafin and her daughter said: “This is such an honor in our own home town! Since moving the boutique here we have continued to provide the best service and product as possible. Our community continues to show its love and support for us daily. We thank you all, and look forward to providing many more years of excellence service and products for you!”​