//Injured? They Got you Covered.

Injured? They Got you Covered.

As the school year begins so does fall sports. Many students play sports and can possibly be injured when it comes to intense activity. CAMC Teays Valley Hospital’s, Dr. James Cox, discusses what to do in case of an injury, such as an ankle injury.

Ankle injuries can range from anywhere from a minor sprain to a severe sprain to an ankle fracture or to even chronic irritating tendinitis depending upon the injury.

Dr. Cox explains that football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball are the sports that come to mind when he thinks of ankle injuries. For athletes who jump frequently when they are playing a game are at higher risk for ankle inquires and coming down wrong on the tendon or joint.

A few things to think about:

First, go see your doctor or an athletic trainer for them to recognize the injury and to diagnose the injury appropriately and accordingly. The doctor will talk to the athlete about the repercussions of the injury and how to treat it. If the injury is not treated appropriately the injured tendon or joint can become a chronic injury with long-term pain, swelling, or even instability of the joint.

Treatments for an ankle injury:

Combat the inflammation by resting, protecting, and/or immobilizing the joint. A person can also ice and elevate the injury and take anti-inflammatory. Then the next phase of treating an injury is strengthening and rehabilitation for the injury. The timing of the treatment is just as important as the actual treatment itself.

Below is some information that might be helpful in case of an emergency.

Info to Know:

For more information about CAMC’s Orthopedic Services visit camc.org/ortho or you can go to the CAMC Health Information Center – where you can search & read a variety of health & wellness topics, illnesses, and diseases.


Urgency or emergency?  Know your options.

YOUR PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR diagnoses and treats common illnesses and medical conditions. When you can wait for an appointment or you need a physician who knows your medical history, visit your primary care doctor.

Need an appointment? Call us!

Nitro Primary Care (Adults) I (304) 755-4797

Teays Valley Primary Care I (304) 757-1031

Board certified pediatrician Children welcome!

Winfield Primary Care (Adults) I (304) 586-0111

URGENT CARE CENTERS treat minor illnesses or injuries with shorter wait times and lower costs than the ER. The CAMC Urgent Care Center in Cross Lanes is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Appointments are never needed. We treat a wide range of medical issues and provide a full range of diagnostic services, including X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, and lab testing. (304) 388-7070

EMERGENCY ROOMS are recommended for head injuries or any major injury, loss of consciousness, stroke symptoms, signs of a heart attack or severe chest pain, excessive or uncontrollable bleeding, or any condition that requires immediate medical attention. Emergency care is available 24-hours a day at CAMC’s four ER locations.

CAMC General Hospital Trauma Center, Stroke Center, Neurosciences Center, Orthopedics

CAMC Memorial Hospital Heart and Vascular Center, Cancer Center

CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital OB, labor and delivery, NICU, pediatric specialties

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