July Business of the Month

Jul 5, 2023 | 0 comments

L&R BBQ has the most amazing food, the friendliest staff, and is a great option for catering your event, whatever it may be! We loved learning more about Roger and Lori’s BBQ journey.

Roger and Lori met and were married in Texas but decided they wanted to move back to this area to be closer to family. After some research, they learned that catering was something this area needed at the time and started their business here in the fall of 2004. They purchased a used postal box truck for delivering, printed menus, and did a few TV spots on Good Morning West Virginia. Then they ran with it and have truly enjoyed their journey! Roger and Lori can remember doing local events, such as Run for the Wall, and serving BBQ from a mobile smoker. Things continued to grow and they had to grow with them, so in 2015 they got into their current brick and mortar location in Hurricane and are thriving doing catering with several employees by their side. The restaurant and catering portion are still growing and Roger and Lori hope they’re here to stay.

L&R loves serving their community and Veterans have a particularly special place in their hearts and in their restaurant. Putnam County has become their home and they’re proud to serve good food to good people.

“Our Customers are the BEST!” Lori & Roger



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