//Making Dreams Come True Throughout the Tri-State Area

Making Dreams Come True Throughout the Tri-State Area


Putnam Princess Parties is the original real-life princess business in West Virginia.  They have been creating magical experiences for thousands of little ones since 2014, and they would love to put a smile on your little prince/princess’s face!


How it all Started

The idea for starting such a unique business in the tri-state area came to owner Rudi Raynes about 5 years ago, when she was attending a friend’s daughter’s birthday party.  Her friend had hired a princess to entertain the little girl and her guests, but was sadly disappointed when a young girl in an ill-fitting wig and cheap costume showed up and did not interact with the party go-ers at all.  At the time, Raynes was playing Dolly Parton in the musical “9 to 5” when her friend made the comment, “We should’ve just hired you to come and sing to her.”

Raynes says it was like a light bulb went off in her head.  She figured, “Why not become the characters the children love and add elements of music, character interaction, crafting and games?”  Combining that with Raynes’ love for fairytales, live theatre and improv, the idea started to blossom.  A $300 investment was made, and Raynes started doing little parties here and there.  Soon enough, Rudi started doing around 7 parties a day, and quickly started to realize that her company was growing quickly, so she brought in about a dozen very talented actors and actresses, and it took off from there!


Services Offered

Putnam Princess Parties offers everything from simple meet and greets with a single character, to up-scale multiple-character visits with games, crafts, gifts and more.  They have standardized packages, but they can customize just about anything to make a dream come true!  They also offer FaceTime calls from characters, a party room that people can rent at their location in Winfield, VIP events, ballroom dance events and so much more!

Putnam Princess Parties offers over 50 different characters – princesses, princes, heroes, villains, fairies, swimming mermaids and more!


The Most Rewarding Part

Raynes says that, as cheesy as it sounds, seeing the magic on the kid’s faces is the best part.

“When you meet a child that is completely invested and believes you are the real thing, nothing can beat it,”  Raynes explained.  “They are completely innocent and believe everything you say.”  Raynes also says that when you leave, the memories made stay both with them and with you.

Putnam Princess Parties also has a very talented group of actors, who care greatly about the children they interact with.  Raynes claims that it is also very rewarding to see how much her actors care.  The children are their first priority, and they go through “Princess Prep School” to learn proper makeup and wig techniques, key interaction elements, and everything else it takes to build a positive connection with the clients and their children.  Raynes says her actors are what really makes it work, and they really buy into the fairytale culture of the business.

Additional Information

Putnam Princess Parties (and 3P Events, their heroic brother branch) caters towards all children no matter their locatiom or financial status.  They do their best to offer multiple free events throughout the year so that everyone has a chance to have their own magical experience!

They are constantly updating events on their social media pages, so check them out on Facebook and Instagram!  You can also check out their website for any information you would need on which packages would be perfect for your little prince/princess.  For any questions or to book a party, you can call/text 681-587-6998 or email rudi@putnamprincessparties.com.


Putnam Princess Parties, LLC

12464 Winfield Road

Winfield, WV 25213


Facebook: Putnam Princess Parties LLC

Instagram: @putnamprincesspartiesllc

Website: www.putnamprincessparties.com

Call: 681-587-6998

Email: rudi@putnamprincessparties.com


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