//Making Home Loans Simple with PrimeLending

Making Home Loans Simple with PrimeLending

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a mortgage pro, the process of obtaining a home loan can be an emotional and challenging process.

PrimeLending makes Home Loans Simple and has options that make the dreams of homeownership possible for all. PrimeLending’s seasoned professionals provide every customer the service, support, and straightforward advice to guide you through the entire mortgage process.

“We are the scariest part,” Lori Harless, the Production Manager from PrimeLending said. “Sometimes in this industry we have a negative reputation for cutting people off and denying them. That is not how we do it here. If I wouldn’t sign on the dotted line, then I am not going to offer it to you.”

With over 400 different programs, PrimeLending will help you choose the one that best suits you. Some of these programs include: FHA/VA/USDA loans, fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and conventional mortgages, HomeStyle® RENOVATION loans, conforming loans, jumbo loans, and 18 total RENOVATION and remodeling financing options.

A great program full of opportunity with the market is renovation and remodeling loans. HGTV’s Fixer Upper among over a dozen renovation shows have been a driving force to some of their renovation loans. There are some foreclosures and houses in the area that just need a little bit of love. If you find a house that needs some repairs, then PrimeLending can add the repairs to the mortgage with a licensed contractor. This can be a useful tool as all of the work to be performed happens after the closing, allowing potential buyers to make an offer and close on a home they may not otherwise be financeable.

PrimeLending also offers a free prequalification application.  Prequalification help buyers find out what options are available to them, and at what expense. When a customer contacts a PrimeLending professional they will receive a interactive online presentation that lays out custom tailored scenarios, usually 3 or 4 to choose from.

“We send them a really cool link on their phone and they can compare the different programs.” Harless said. “It is going to be very personalized and it shows the payments and breaks it down with taxes and insurances.” This gives the buyers a price range to look at when choosing a home and what down payments are available for them.

Prequalification should be done as soon as you are thinking about buying a house. Why? You need to know in advance that you can buy the home of your dreams, before you make an offer.  During the application process PrimeLending will check to see if you have any credit issues that may need to be addressed, and insure that you are in the best position to borrow.

Buying a house can be emotional and stressful and you don’t have to do it alone. “The best moment is celebrating a closing and being able to be with them every step of the way for one of the biggest purchases of their lives,” Harless said. Apply online today either by calling one of the branches or filling out an application online. Prime Lending has 9 different locations in West Virginia with 2 branches in Hurricane and a new branch opening in Charleston. Any branch would love to help you find your perfect dream home.

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