//Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss with Mid-Valley Hearing Center

Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss with Mid-Valley Hearing Center

When it comes to hearing, we often take it for granted. One-in-ten Americans or an estimation of over 36 million people, experience some degree of hearing loss. Most of the time it goes ignored however, hearing loss is the third leading chronic health condition among seniors, after arthritis and high blood pressure.

Hearing loss is not just a problem for the elderly though. About 65 percent of the hearing-impaired today are under age 65, with baby boomers among the fastest growing group. There is a high probability that items like smartphones, Ipods, and other music players account for an increase in the number of people who have an effective hearing loss. The problem of hearing loss is growing younger with 15 percent of recent college graduates having as much or more hearing loss than their parents. Over two million Americans with hearing loss are under age 18.

One of the best ways to prevent noise-induced hearing loss is to avoid or limit harmful, high volume noises. Many modern-day environmental sounds that we are exposed to every day can be the cause of hearing loss. Some of these sounds include: car horns and theft alarms, jet planes, headphones, car speakers, office machines, concerts, or club atmospheres, gunfire, lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment.

The louder the sound you are exposed to, the shorter period of exposure it takes to damage the hair cells inside your ear that transmit sounds to your brain. Exposure to very loud noises at an event, such as a loud music concert or car race, can cause hearing impairment with ringing in the ears, that may or may not go away over time.

If you think you may be hard of hearing, surveys show that the typical person with hearing problems waits over five years to see a health care professional about the problem. Although hearing loss is not a life-threatening condition, it can lower the quality of life for those who have it. Good news is that clinical studies show that when hearing aids are properly fitted and used actively, these devices improve the overall quality of life for their users significantly.

There are definite downsides of choosing to wait without having your hearing examined and/or assisted properly. This is especially true if you are exposed to a high amount of loud noise or other hearing safety problems on a regular basis. Instead of waiting, contact Mid-Valley Hearing Center today to get a hearing evaluation.  Evaluations by their licensed audiologists include measurement of hearing sensitivity, measurement of speech understanding and assessment of middle ear function.

Mid-Valley Hearing Center offers the exceptional personal services their patients come to expect. The hearing center has over 30 years of audiological experience. From hearing evaluations to customized hearing products and fittings, you can trust their expert team for all your audiological needs.

The examinations, devices, and additional services they provide are done with your individual needs in mind. They perform comprehensive hearing evaluations for adults and children and offer the most suitable options personalized for your lifestyle and abilities.

To find out more about Mid-Valley Hearing Center, their services, and how they can help you, visit their website at https://hearingaidwv.com or contact them at: (304) 760-8804.

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