//Teays Physical Therapy Center

Teays Physical Therapy Center

Many people have injuries or conditions that require assistance. Teays Physical Therapy Center’s (TPTC’s) mission statement is “empower our patients and enrich our community.” The facility has recently celebrated 28 years of service and has two locations, Teays Valley and Saint Albans.


Teays Physical Therapy Center is a private physical therapy practice with an array of specialties and certifications. The center specializes in the treatment of orthopedic, sports and industrial injuries and conditions. They are certified in the McKenzie Method for the treatment of back and neck pain, dry needling, Hand Therapy, Graston soft tissue mobilization, Big Therapy for Parkinsonism and more. They are skilled in custom bracing and orthotics. Examples of common conditions treated by their therapists include postoperative care for rotator cuff tears, anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, ankle sprains, back and neck pain, balance disorders, total joint replacements and plantar fasciitis.

Cindy Skiles, president of TPTC stated, “physical therapy has no side effects and it is not addictive; it can be the number one choice for pain. On the initial patient visit, we complete a history and examination of the problem. Based on this information, treatment goals are established. A treatment plan is developed consisting of therapeutic exercise, modalities, and education on lifestyle changes. This combination of interventions is successful in ridding people of their pain and restoring their function most of the time”.  At TPTC, patients are supervised by physical therapists who oversee the support staff of physical therapist assistants and athletic trainers.

Adjacent to the clinic is the 18,000 sq.ft. Sports Complex that houses Potential Plus and sports performance training, Revvedup Crossfit and Fitness. Located there is a  basketball court, batting cages, and  60 yard turf area that can be rented for indoor practice.

The treatment areas have individual treatment rooms and a large gym for patient exercise.  According to patient surveys, 98% of them would return to TPTC in the future and would recommend the center to their friends and families. “That speaks volumes about our culture, customer service, and our staff members,” Skiles added.

TPTC offers free physical therapy consultations and sports injury screenings to those who need advice following an injury or have been suffering from a painful condition. They can quickly evaluate your problem and advise you on whether you need to seek another health care provider’s opinion or if formal physical therapy is indicated.

A piece of advice Skiles gave during the interview was about what to do when you primarily have a desk job to remain pain free throughout the day.  She stressed the importance of considering the ergonomics of the work site. Examine your sitting position in the chair and the position of the computer monitor, telephone and mouse. The work site must fit the worker to reduce cumulative trauma such as neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Arrange the equipment so you can look straight ahead.  Use additional lumbar support in the chair. Change positions often. Stand up to a sitting world and stretch.

The center is not only a facility for patients, but also students. Students from various physical therapy schools and athletic training institutions learn and gain experience working at the center. Volunteers wanting to learn about the profession are welcome to shadow the therapists or trainers. Elementary schools take field trips to visit TPTC. “We provide educational field trips where we use models to demonstrate bones, joints and muscles. Always included is a discussion on healthy lifestyles. We do exercises to warm up and then participate in a fun obstacle course relay with a cool down afterwards. They leave with a goody bag and a sticker saying they have visited TPTC today.”

Teays Physical Therapy Center is located at 3910 Teays Valley Road in Hurricane and 808 B Street in St. Albans. For more information about the center or how you can make an appointment, please call (304) 757-7293. TPTC participates with most insurance companies.

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