July Business of the Month-Farley’s Famous Hot Dogs

Jun 28, 2024 | 0 comments

It’s July, PutnamWV, and you know what that means! Fireworks, sunny days at the pool, picnics and…that’s right…hot dogs! We decided Farley’s Famous Hot Dogs makes the perfect July Business of the Month!

Founded in 1968 by the Farley Family, the Farley’s Famous Hot Dog brand has been a part of the Valley’s communities for decades. Their drive-in holds a place in the memories of so many, and as a new generation is discovering an old way of enjoying their meals, Farley’s is here to welcome them! The Leary family took over in 2017 when Lori sent her husband Matt the listing for Farley’s.  Here’s what we learned in talking with Matt and Lori’s daughter Madison from this classic Putnam County spot!

It had been Matt’s dream to own a business, so they bought the restaurant and started fixing it up right away. When my parents first took over, business was actually very slow and we only had two people working per shift. My father worked hard to build our presence in both the public and social media’s eye, and additionally, donated to and helped many people and organizations. The recipes never changed but the way we interacted with people seemed to bring in more and more people. Today, we have to keep no less than four people per shift and we serve about 3-4 times the amount of customers per day than when we began. Our food is probably what’s most special to us because we spend so much time trying to get it right. We have a much bigger menu than many people may know and even with that, everything is still made to order and will come out fresh 100% of the time. The special recipes are pretty tight lipped but as far as the root beer and chili go, it is always me or my sister making it so we can stay as consistent as possible. I think the consistency is what makes our hot dogs such a fan favorite. Little stuff changes here and there but we keep everything major exactly the same. The slaw and onions are prepared each morning, and we make chili nearly every single day so everything stays fresh. Our customers should know exactly what they’re going to be getting and if it’s not perfect, we always listen and try our best to make it right!

What my family likes the most about doing business in Putnam County is probably how strong the sense of community is. I mean, when my father passed, we had flowers in front of the building the very next day and people were driving over just to tell us how much they cared for us. Putnam County seems to be working overtime just to make sure we feel like we belong. Not only do the people show up for us, but so many other businesses seem to have our backs too. We absolutely love being able to interact with everybody across the board and we love making a difference in Putnam County. I mean we may just sell hot dogs but we’ve been blessed with countless opportunities to help tons of people and don’t take it for granted.